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Aditya Hrdayam Again - Part 50 - saMkhya as a design pattern

BackgroundEleven Rudras are eleven force-fields that manifested in this Universe at different points of time. Of these eleven, we saw the Pancha-Brahma Rudras, the color coded ones, the Strong force, Weak force, Electro-weak force, Electro-weak-Strong force and Electromagnetic force.
The other six Rudras are Higgs scalar field, Unified dark-matter and higgs field,  Dark Matter field, Dirac-fermi field,  Dark-Energy scalar field and the field of fifth dimension of space which I call as Quantum Entanglement field.
The above is a bit non-standard model. The following force fields are not part of standard model 1.Unified dark matter-Higgs 2.Dark matter force-field 3.Dark energy scalar field 4.Quantum Entanglement field (a 5th dimension of space).
How do we understand the dark-matter and higgs field better..?
That leads us to saMkhya who talks of Purusha (Unified dark matter and higgs) and Prakrti (matter). In the next several blogs, let me go through saMkhya kArika of Isvara krishna  with tattva…