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Aditya Hrdayam Agian - Part 49 - Pancha Brahma Rudras - Part 2

Background There are eleven Rudras (force-fields) that manifest at different points of time, in the four-dimensional expanded spacetime (post cosmic inflation epoch), which is called the 'Brahma'.

The following seven are exactly as in the standard model.
Higgs fieldElectro-weak-strong field (an United field of Electroweak and strong force)Strong force fieldElectro-weak force fieldElectromagnetic fieldWeak force fieldDirac-Fermi field that products matter particles (Quarks, Electrons, Neutrinos) Apart from these, the following two are definitely talked about in Standard Model, but not as force-fields. I map them as two force-fields that do definitely exist.
Dark Energy field (In quintessence model, it is a scalar field that expands spacetime)Dark matter (force-field in which particles manifest but do not interact with other matter and hence dark. Also they do not travel at light speeds and hence cold) Apart from these , I map two force-fields that are not talked about in standar…