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Aditya Hrdayam - Part 37 - Manas the Virtual

BackgroundThese particles that are ‘on-the-mass-shell’ or ‘Linga’, that follow the Energy-Momentum relationship are ‘observable’ and also become observers participating in interactions (Karmana). Those that do not obey the Energy-Momentum relationship are said to be  ‘off-the-shell’ and Virtual.

Virtual particles are not observable. They are 'implied'. In a sense they do not exist independently. They are mathematical intermediate steps. We can consider them as our understanding ‘gap’ or a mathematical trick. Nevertheless they are extremely important in our understanding. Manas - The Virtual or ImpliedThe root of ‘Manas’ is ‘Man’, which means ‘imagine’, ‘think’ etc.. Manas means something ‘tacit’ or ‘implied’.  Manas  are the Virtual particles or Implied particles, those that are ‘off-the-shell’ or not on linga. This is how it is used in the Vedas.

When Upanishads tried to explain this Vedic ‘manas’, they could infer that manas is something virtual or implied or implicit.  But th…

Aditya Hrdayam - Part 36 - Linga- Energy-Momentum relationship

Linga - Energy and Momentum Relating Hyperboloid Background Since I talked about Shiva (Energy) and Shakti (Momentum) in the last blog, let me explain them more, before I get back to Vrsakapi, Indra, Mitra and Varuna more from the Rg Vedic slokas. We will also go about understanding the various 'Rishis', before we get back to more Indra, Mitra and Varuna.

I am absolutely clear that our Vedas and Puranas indeed explain the events that happened in the early Universe more closer to what exists today in Standard Model, QED, QCD et al. The idea behind these posts is to bring out that relationship from translations of Rg Vedic slokas, which can easily be verified and peer-reviewed.
Rudra - The Quantum fields Shiva is Energy, Shakti is momentum, Rudras are force-fields and Maruts are the quanta of force-fields.  Rudra means ‘howler’ or ‘one who vibrates’. Rudra are the force-fields or quantum fields. What are quantum force-fields..? Our space though looks empty and vacuum, has severa…