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Aditya Hrdayam - Part 33 - Vrsakapi -The two force-fields that bind

Background There are several ‘binding energies’ in science. Confinement of Quarks Initially the Quarks (of lightest generation) and Gluons are ‘de-confined’ as a plasma of quarks and gluons. Then they get ‘confined’ into baryons and mesons. Three quarks combine to form baryons (protons and neutrons) and quark/anti-quark pairs combine to form mesons. In the ‘de-confined’ state the strong force is spread across. Once Quarks get confined into baryons, the strong force gets limited to baryonic distances. This ‘confinement’ of quarks into baryons and mesons is also a ‘binding’. But the terminology binding energy is not used to denote this. This is called ‘Confinement’ of quarks. Vrsakapi is NOT about this confinement of quarks. Residual nuclear force field Residual N uclear force is an attractive force that acts between all nucleons (baryons) at the short distances between them (about 2 x 10 -15 m). Within the nucleus, where the protons and neutrons are very clo

Aditya Hrdayam Part 32 - Vrsakapi - Force fields that bind

Background To me, it is very clear that Rg Veda, in particular, is talking about cosmic evolution from the beginning of the Universe.  Most events it depicts, in my understanding, map to Standard Model of Universe very well, with few exceptions like impact of Dark Matter on matter. If my mapping is correct, Dark matter (Purusha) impacts matter and facilitates ‘Agni’ or ‘transfer/exchange of energy’ in matter. Purusha/Dark matter functions as the bed in which matter evolves. As I have been explaining in this series, Indra are Baryons (Baryon-maker), Apa are photons in the very early Universe and Soma is the strong force. Vasu are atoms and their Heart or Hrday is nucleus, ruled by Indra the baryons or hidden in by Indra, the baryons. This sloka on Vrsakapi, Rg Veda 10.086 is set in the Photon epoch of the Universe, when Universe was filled with photons and also some baryons and leptons left-over from the previous epochs. It talks about how nucleo-synthesis occured, primitive