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Aditya Hrdayam Again - Part 26 - Cosmology and Vedic slokas


Comparison of Cosmology and Vedic slokas till now 

From the time of Big Bang, at a time of  10-43 seconds, all four fundamental forces (Gravity, Strong, Weak, Electro-magnetic) were supposed to be unified.

At around 10-36 seconds, strong force separates. From 10-36 seconds to 10-32 seconds Universe is supposed to have undergone an Inflationary epoch which expanded it greatly.

During this expansion a sizzling sea of quarks and anti-quarks are formed. Vedas refer to this sea of quark and anti-quark pairs as Varuna.

From 10-32 to 10-5 seconds 

From this period of 10-32 seconds to 10-5 seconds, the Universe was a sea of quarks, anti-quarks and gluons, produced from energy. (pair production of quarks and anti-quarks).

Vedas call the quark-anti-quarks as Varuna and gluons as Mitra.

They mostly use varuna as Mitra-Varuna. Varuna is Quark-Anti-quark pair, when Mitra-Varuna is a Meson.

But between this 10-32 and 10-12 seconds, the Universe was not just sea of quarks, anti-quarks and gluons (Varuna and Mitra), but also was oscillating into photons. The photons were becoming quarks-antiquarks or electrons-positrons or neutrinos-antinuetrinos only to combine and become photons again.

Thus Universe at this time was a bunch of energy oscillating into matter forms and becoming energy again.

In fact the Universe was not only Varuna and Mitra (the Adityas), it had very many particles at that time from electrons, neutrinos, positrons, anti-neutrinos to more exotic ones. These were are the Danavas, Nagas etc depicted as ‘descendants’ of ‘wives’ of Kashyapa in puranas.

But all of them were oscillating back and forth into energy or photons.

The Universe was unstable and oscillating from 10-32 to almost 10-12 seconds.

This sloka Rg Veda mandala 1 Hymn 25 refers to this period of Universe when Universe was a sea of quarks and antiquarks oscillating between energy and matter.

From 10-12 seconds to 377000 years after Big Bang

At around 10-12 seconds, electro-weak force broke into electro-magnetic force and weak-force. This is the story of Indra (baryons) winning over the Vrtra (B-mesons the descendants of Varuna) with Vajra (Weak force that separates from Electro-weak force).

This electro-weak symmetry breaking leads from ‘sea of quarks’ to form baryons, mesons and neutral atoms. When neutral atoms form, the photons (Apa) flow out as Cosmic Microwave Background. This story is depicted as Indra slays the vrtra and lets the Apa (celestial waters) to flow out. This is depicted in the Rg veda Sloka Mandala 1 Hymn 32. 

In fact this sloka says Indra is one who drinks soma (strong force) through three kadrukas (quarks). 

Rg Veda mandala 4 Hymn 42 says this ruler of quark-antiquark pairs (mesons) combines with Indra (baryons) and establishes the gases in the Universe. It says it does so to assist the Will.

It says ‘unmelted drops of Indra’ flow, when Vrtra is struck. Till that time the three-quarked baryons formed (which are fermions), Universe was occupied by bosons, which were in a melted state (occupying the same quantum state). 

It further says that at a time when the Universe was bound, a yajna started which finally led to Indra and Varuna. It says that intoxicated by Soma (strong force), the yajna keeps producing Indra (Baryons) and Varuna (mesons) endlessly and asks for them to be like a ever-milk yielding cow.

From 377000 years after Big Bang to formation of Stars and Life

This is depicted in the sloka Aditya Hrdayam.

Rg Veda Mandala 1 Hymn 25 - Summary of the Sloka

In the inflationary epoch, when space (antarikS) expanded, the Universe cooled down and thermalized again. IN this process potential energy yielded Quark-Gluon-Plasma. Universe got filled with QGP at the end of this epoch.

This sloka maps exactly to those events.

The Universal matter was oscillating and the fury of flaming did not allow evolution to proceed. At that time of this expanded Universe, 'Manas' binds the particles on-shell, like a horse to chariot, making them real, whose boundary are the Varuna or Mesons.

These quark-antiquark pairs fall down and form a large 'eye' in the sky. That sets off a yearning for fixed law and order in the Universe.  Those that fall down bind the dispersed into a 'sail' in the antarikSa or space (forming the QGP). Time is bound (it starts) with its month and its 12 progenies.

All the gas clouds and its whatever dwells in them are bound. Varuna (Quark-AntiQuark pairs) dwells in them. It is the stabled horse in them. The extraordinary knower of the universe knows actions performed and to be done. Varuna creates a great path that carries across life. 

Varuna carries the inertness and makes where it is placed observable. Those that are enemies of matter do not threaten those in which Varuna is placed.

Varuna is said to be placed in our womb-chakra (Udara cakra).

Seeking larger and larger eye, like cows seeking pasture, Varuna moves aside as it is sucked out. Newer forms of expressions are continuously brought out as a sacrificer keeps dividing the oblations.

The newer expressions are universally visible, extremely tolerant and charioting/moving. In all these expressions, the fully satiated varuna dissolves into them in the oblation as food and the soil. Varuna now becomes Virtual.

As varuna dissolves into expressions, it rules as the intelligence of all matter and beings in earth and heaven. Varuna’s bond in the simplest or basic matter is the best performing. It is an average tie in the more complex, unrestrained living beings.

Rg Veda Mandala 1 Hymn 25 - Comparison with Science 

Rg Veda Mandala 1 Hymn 25
My translation
What Science says
yaccid dhi te viśo yathā pra deva varuṇa vratam | 
minīmasi dyavi-dyavi
Yac cid (which/what ever) dhita (placed/bestowed) vizo (class/tribe) yathA (in which/such manner) pra deva (forth/fore/before the deva) varuna vratam (rule of varuna) minimasi (amina – unaltering, not transgressing, not oscillating/fluctuating mina – altering, transgressing, fluctuating, oscillating) dyavi dyavi (again and again, repeatedly)

Whatever class/tribe that was bestowed in such manner, forth/before the matter matter rule of Varuna, alternated/oscillated repeatedly..
The class/tribe because it existed before the matter rule (baryonic universe), it is some primordial matter.
Varuna is a half-deva, half-asura. The matter part of Varuna, the devas, rule the universe.  Before the rule of matter or deva, whatever existed, that was oscillating or alternating (not stable).
Whaever that existed before rule of Varuna, alternated repeatedly.
Essentially same.
mā no vadhāya hatnave jihīDānasya rīradhaḥ
mā hṛṇānasya manyave
arIradhat – accomplish, perform, make ready (from radh)
Not (mA) those (no) fatally (hatnave) destroying (vadhaya) accomplish/make ready (arIradhat) the flame (jih) of invocation (IDAnasya).
Not (mA) those flaming (hrnanasya) fury (manyave).
Those class/tribes were unable to accomplish the flame of invocation due to their fury of the flaming.
Thus the primordial matter were not able to lit the flame of invocation as they were alternating/oscillating again and again.
Due to high temperatures, the universe was unable to progress with evolution and it was oscillating.
Essentially same. The stanza says due to fury of the flaming, the invocation could not be accomplished.
vi mRDīkāya te mano rathīr aśvaṃ na saMditam
gīrbhir varuna sīmahi
Made of Earth/Soil (mRdikaya), that (te) Mind (Mano) chartiot’s (rathir) horses (asvam na) are bound (saMditam), whose expressions (girbhir) varuna (varuna) is the boundary (sImahi) (varuna binds).
Varuna forms boundaries in that earth/soil that serves as ‘The Mind’ chariot’s horses, binding them.
The soil/earth is the baryonic matter with which the Universe is made of.
The horses of the ‘Mind Chariot’ are the expressions of matter in the Universe. The Mind refers to the Supreme consciousness here, which rides on all matter as a chariot is driven by horses.
Varuna by forming boundaries in that soil binds the horses.
Quark-antiquark pairs form in that universe. 

This period is said to occur post the Inflationary epoch in the early Universe.

Essentially same.The sloka talks of Varuna (quark-antiquark pairs) as the ‘horses’ of the ‘Mind’ chariot. Science says they formed ‘naturally’.
parā hi me vimanyavaḥ patanti vasyaiṣṭaye | 
vayo na vasatīrupa || 
Away (parA hi) from me (me) they free from fury (vimanyavah) falls/glides/flies/manifest down (patanti) seeking better/welfare (vasyaiSTaye) Like birds (vayona) to their nests (vasatIr upa)
The primordial matter that became free from fury glides down seeking better place like birds gliding down to their nests.
As Varuna binds a ‘soil’ as a chariot is bound to horse, the class/tribe of matter that were repeatedly getting destroyed due to their fury of the flaming, that were not able to invoke the evolution, they lose their fury, glides down to rest like birds reach the nests.
As the temperatures cooled down the quark-anti-quark pairs form, the energy started settling down into stable matter.
When furious universe was oscillating. With Varuna (quark-antiquark pair production), those
‘Free from fury” (vimanyavah) (those which cooled down) started forming stable matter.

kadā kṣatraśriyaṃ naram ā varuṇaṃ karāmahe
When (kadA) varuna (Varunam) the sovereign power lords over (kSatazriyam) mortals (naram) assemble/bring together (karAmahe) the ‘soil/earth’ of (mrDikaya) large (uru) eye (cakSasam)
When the sovereign power of Varuna lords over the mortals it assembles the soil/earth into a large eye.
The ‘Eye’ here is the nucleus of atoms getting created out of large baryonic matter.
The energy settles down into quark-antiquark pairs forming an ocean of quarks and anti-quarks.
The large eye in the early Universe could be referring to Quark-antiquark pair production in some portion of Universe post the inflationary epoch.
Tad it samānam āśāte venantā na pra yuchataḥ | 
dhṛtavratāya dāśuṣe || 
They all (tad it) equally (samAnam) desire (aZate), their yearnings (venanta) never (na) fail (pra yuchatah) one who delivers (disuse) fixed law and order (dhRtavratAya) in the Universe.
When the sovereign power of Varuna assembles the large eye in that soil, they all equally desire, their yearnings never fail, for the one who delivers fixed law and order in the Universe.
The primordial matter has been unstable and oscillating. When varuna resides in it, it becomes stable and form a soil/baryonic matter. Varuna drives it to form a large eye/nucleus in that soil/baryonic matter. They all yearn to deliver fixed law and order in the Universe.
The quark-antiquark production leads to Universe with fixed order.
Essentially same.
vedā yo vīnāṃ padamantarikṣeṇa patatām | 
veda nāvaḥ samudriyaḥ || 
Weaves/Binds (veda) those (yo) dispersed (vInam) state (padam) in the Cosmic space (interstellar space) (antariksena) that falls down (patatAm) Weaves/Binds (veda) that sail (nAvah)  in that (cosmic) ocean (samudriyah).
The falling down weaves/Binds those scattered/dispersed state in the interstellar space.
Binds those sails in that cosmic ocean
The falling down/settling down Quark-Antiquark pairs  bind/weave the energy spread in that cosmic space.

In the ocean of energy, matter that sails are formed.

veda māso dhṛtavrato dvādaśa prajāvataḥ | 
vedā ya upajāyate || 

Binds (veda) of the month (mAso) of fixed order (dhrtavrato)  and 12 (dvadasa) of its progenies (prajavatah). Binds (vedA)  their distant posterity(upajAyate).
Varuna weaves/binds the fixed order of  months,their 12 progenies and their distant posterity (cycles of years).
Before Varuna, the Universe was oscillating/fluctuating and not stable. There was no reference to measure time as there was no order.
Varuna brings in the dhrtavrata, that is the fixed order in Universe, which provides reference to measure time, as the progress of Universe is orderly and evolutionary.
Thus Varuna is said to ‘bind’ the months, years and cycles of years.
When the Universe was fluctuating and unstable, there was no ‘time’ as there was no order and reference to measure time.

With Quark-antiquark pairs, a reference to measure time originated. Since the pairs provided stability and progress to Universe, they also established the movement of time as we see it.
veda vātasya vartanimurorṛṣvasya bṛhataḥ
vedā ye adhyāsate
Weaves/Binds the gas clouds (vatasya) expansion/setting in motion(vartanim) broad/wide (uru) elevated/high (Rsvasya) large (brhatah)
Weaves/Binds those that dwell (adhyasate) on it
Binds the broad, high, large gas clouds expansion, Binds all that dwell in them
Quark-Antiquark pairs not only bind energy into matter form,
But over a period of time, the Quark-Antiquark pairs (mesons) also bind the protons and neutrons forming nucleus and hence atoms.

ni ṣasāda dhṛtavrato varuṇaḥ pastyāsvā 
sāmrājyāya sukratuḥ
Sitting/sinking (sAda) excellently (Sa) into (ni) a fixed law/order (dhrtavrato) varuna (varunah), the stabled (pastya) horse (asva) creates well (sukratu) the empire (universal empire).
Dhrtavrato varuna – the fixed law and order varuna
Pastya asva – stabled horse
With all the above knowledge  as Varuna is the stabled horse in them, seating an excellent fixed law/order, Varuna creates well an empire.
Varuna is the stabled horsed which seats excellently the fixed law and order of the Universe.
The fixed order in Universe is due to the pairs of Quark-Antiquarks.
In nucleus of atoms mesons bind the protons and neutrons. It is the ‘stabled horse’ in all atomic elements.

ato viśvānyadbhutā cikitvām abhi paśyati
kṛtāni yā cakartvā
Universe’s (visvAny) extraordinarily (adbhutA) knowing (cikitVam) (one who knows everything)  infront/before (abhi) see (pazyati) activities being performed (krtAni) and the activities  to be done (kartva).
Universe’s extraordinarily knowing, sees tasks being performed and those to be done.
Essentially knows the present and the future
The Quark-Antiquark pairs essentially are present in the Universe from the beginning to end.

The baryonic Universe is stable and evolving because of mesons.
Similar if not same.
sa no viśvāhā sukratur ādityaḥ supathā karat | 
pra ṇa āyūṃṣi tāriṣat
There thus (sa no) well-performing (sukratur) Aditya at all times (vizvAhA) makes (karat) a good path (supathA), very much (pra) certainly (Na) duration of life (ayumsi), one that conveys/carries across (tAriSat).
There thus the well-performing Aditya who at all times makes a good path, certainly that carries/conveys across the duration of life.
Varuna is the maker of the path that carries across life. ‘Life’ is not just in beings but also matter.
‘Ayu’ simply that indicates a cycle of birth and death. All matter and beings undergo that cycle.
The quark-antiquark pairs are the carriers of ‘life’ of the Universe.
bibhrad drāpiṃ hiraṇyayaṃ varuṇo vasta nirṇijam | 
pari spaśo ni ṣedire
Carrying/Bearing (bibhrad) the mantle (drApim)  of inertness (hiranyayam) varuna (varuno) adorns its (nirNijam) house (vasta) fully/sufficiently (pari) seated (sedire) in the observer (spazo ni)
Varuna, carrying the mantle of inertness, adorns its house (wherever it is placed), making it fully observable.
Quark-Antiquark pairs carry ‘inertness’ or ‘inertia’, which means they carry rest-mass.

Because they carry rest-mass, they make the Universe observable.
Varuna is said to carry inertness and make beings observable.

Quark-Anti-quark pairs carry rest-mass and make Universe visible.
na yaṃ dipsanti dipsavo na druhvāṇo janānām | 
na devamabhimātayaḥ || 

Not (na) which (yaM) they threaten(dipsanti), those insidious to matter(abhimAtaya), neither (na) threaten (dipsavo) nor harm (druhvAno)  the particles born (jananAm).
Those insidious to matter (devam) neither threaten nor harm the born particles of matter in which Varuna resides.
The Universe in which mesons bind the nucleus and form stable atomic elements cannot be harmed or decayed.
Essentially same.
uta yo mānuṣeṣvā yaśaścakre asāmyā | 
Certainly/it is said (uta) to be in (yo) the human (manuSa) arrow/line (iSva) of famous (yazaz) chakras (cakre) unequally (asAmya) our (asmAkam) womb (udara) arrow (iSva)
Varuna is said to be in the human arrow/line of Chakras differently (not present in other chakras) in our Womb chakra. Womb Chakra is called the Swadishtana Chakra.
Varuna is in the womb chakra which is the Swadishtana chakra.
Varuna is said to bring that stability to our Swadishtana Chakra also.
Science does not talk of a binding force that exists in the Womb.

But it says until a fused sperm-egg binds itself to the wall of uterus, the pregnancy does not start.

This sloka indicates that the forces in the formation of early Universe are somewhat similar to forces in birth of every being.

Science does not see any similarities as of now.
parā me yanti dhītayo ghāvo na ghavyūtīranu | 
seeking (ichantir) large (uru) eye (caksasam), they move (yAnti)  like cows (gAvona) near the (anu) pasture (ghavyutir) of consciousness/thoughts  (dhItayo)  of the transcendental (parA me)
Varuna moves matter particles in which it resides to thoughts of the transcendental (consciousness) like cows near the pasture, seeking a larger eye.
Pasture are the consciousness/thoughts and cows are the matter particles. The cows grow as they feed on pasture. The matter particles in which Varuna reside grow as they feed on the pasture of consciousness.
The ocean of Quark-Antiquark pairs grows continuously in the early Universe as energy becomes matter.
Science says the formation of Quark-Antiquark pairs in the early Universe out of energy is a ‘natural’ event.

This sloka says Varuna, the one who forms these pairs, feeds on the ‘consciousness’ and creates these pairs.
saṃ nu vocāvahai punaryato me madhvābhṛtam | 
hoteva kṣadase priyam || 
With full (Abhrtam) of Bliss (mAdhv) those expressions (voc) are repeatedly (punar) brought (Avahai) out/along (yato) as a (eva) Hotr (Hotr) is fond of (priyam) carving the oblation(kSadase)
As a Hotr or sacrificer is fond of carving the oblation,  the consciousness/bliss/madhv is carved/divided to new expressions repeatedly brought out.
The bliss/consciousness is carved/divided and fed into newer expressions or forms of matter, as a sacrifice carves/divides the offering/oblation and feeds to a sacrifice.
There is no equivalence to this in science, as science does not recognize consciousness.
The sloka claims that energy becomes quak-antiquark pairs and from there newer forms of matter are originated as consciousness/bliss is carved and fed more into the sacrifice (evolution of Universe).
darśaṃ nu viśvadarṣataṃ darśaṃ ratham adhi kṣami | 
etā juṣata me giraḥ
Appearance (darzam) that is universally (vizva) visible (darzatam), extremely (adhi) tolerant (kSami) and charioting (ratham) appearance (darzam) dwelling in (juSata) are the expressions (giraH).
The newer expressions are universally visible, extremely tolerant and charioting/moving.
Newer forms of matter that are stable, moving keep appearing in the Universe.

imaṃ me varuṇa śrudhī havam adyā ca mṛdaya | 
tvāmavasyurā cake
In all this/these (imaM) (expressions) varuna (varuna) dissolves into parts (zrudhI) in the oblation (havam) as food (adyA) and soil (mRdaya) thou Varuna (tvam) filled with (avasyurA) satiated (cake)
In all these expressions, the fully satiated varuna dissolves into them in the oblation as food and the soil.
All stable matter forms have the quark-anti-quark pairs (mesons) in them.

tvaṃ viśvasya medhira divaśca gmaśca rājasi | 
sa yāmaniprati śrudhi
Thou varuna (tvam) rules (rAjasi) the heaven (divas) and (ca) earth (gma) as the Universe’s (vizvasya) Intelligence (medhira) in the course (sa yAmani) of/ towards (prati) its dissolution (zrudhi)
As varuna dissolves into expressions, it rules as the intelligence of all matter and beings in earth and heaven.
The quark-antiquark pairs ‘dissolve’ into these matter forms in the sense they become virtual.

The pion that binds the proton and neutron in nucleus is a virtual pion.

The sloka says varuna/mesons dissolve into the matter forms and are no longer recognizable independently.

Science says mesons that bind the protons and neutron are virtual in the sense though they exist, they cannot be recognized independently.
uduttamaṃ mumughdhi no vi pāśaṃ madhyamaṃ cṛta | 
avādhamāni jīvase ||
Best (ud uttamam) is the (Varuna’s) bond (pAsam) of the simplest(mumugdhino), average (madhyamam) is the tie (crta) in unrestrained (avAdhamAni) living things (jivase) (complex beings)..

Varuna’s bond in the simplest or basic matter is the best performing. It is an average tie in the more complex, unrestrained living beings.
There is no equivalence of this in science. Science does not recognize an equivalent to quark-antiquark pairs exist in the wombs are in more complex living beings.