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Aditya Hrdayam Again - Part 26 - Cosmology and Vedic slokas

BackgroundComparison of Cosmology and Vedic slokas till now From the time of Big Bang, at a time of  10-43 seconds, all four fundamental forces (Gravity, Strong, Weak, Electro-magnetic) were supposed to be unified.

At around 10-36 seconds, strong force separates. From 10-36 seconds to 10-32 seconds Universe is supposed to have undergone an Inflationary epoch which expanded it greatly.
During this expansion a sizzling sea of quarks and anti-quarks are formed. Vedas refer to this sea of quark and anti-quark pairs as Varuna.
From 10-32 to 10-5 seconds From this period of 10-32 seconds to 10-5 seconds, the Universe was a sea of quarks, anti-quarks and gluons, produced from energy. (pair production of quarks and anti-quarks).
Vedas call the quark-anti-quarks as Varuna and gluons as Mitra.
They mostly use varuna as Mitra-Varuna. Varuna is Quark-Anti-quark pair, when Mitra-Varuna is a Meson.
But between this 10-32 and 10-12 seconds, the Universe was not just sea of quarks, anti-quarks and g…