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Nasadiya Suktam - Before the Big Bang..

Would be re-writing this soon with slight modifications Nasadiya Suktam - Summary Nasadeeya Suktam derives its name from the fact that it starts with ‘Na Sada’, which means ‘Not ever’. It is in a way Na Sada-eeya suktam. Nasadiya suktam talks about the state of our Universe at the transition from end of Universe to beginning of Universe.  The key point here is ‘Not ever’. Nothing here is ‘ever’. Everything changes. Everything changes fast. That is the nature of this universe. There is nothing that lasts ‘ever’ in the perceptible Universe from stars, galaxies to even atomic and sub-atomic particles. “Vyom formed by consuming all the fires that raged outside to come to a stable state. And Vyom shone like a blissful woman at that time and it was darkness everywhere else, as there was nothing outside vyom at that time. The nature of Vyom was plasmic(not always bounded, not always unbounded).   From the word Vyom I interpret it as Vayu+Aum, which means gaseou