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Explaining Time through Hiranyagarbha...

Taking a break from Aditya Hrdayam Series, posting this video that explains Time using Hiranyagarbha, the four dimensional spacetime. This is my son's contribution to Breakthrough Junior Challenge starting today. The challenge is to explain a science concept simplistically in 3 mins. He has tried to explain the concept of 'time' using Hiranyagarbha, the four dimensional spacetime. As part of Aditya Hrdayam Series, will be explaining the Hiranyagarbha suktam later. Please watch, share, feedback on the youtube video. -TBT
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The design pattern in twelve names of Vishnu

Background Evolution of matter  and biological beings follow a similar design pattern. Vedic divinities are indicative of this design pattern. In matter domain, shiva is energy, vishnu is mass.  In biological domain, shiva is consciousness, vishnu is the 'manas'. There are 6 properties common to both matter and biological forms in both these domains. These are recognized as the 12 names/forms (nama-roopa) of Vishnu. All particles with mass (vishnu) have the following properties in Quantum as well as Classical domain.  Vishnu, the property of mass gives rise to these 6 properties in  matter forms.  Transact energy  Equilibrium Follow an organization/order   Growth  Respond to forces Regulation /Control by Gravity  All biological beings with manas (vishnu) have equivalent following properties in physiological as well as consciousness (psychological) domain. Vishnu, the property of manas gives rise to these 6 properties in biological beings. Energy processing  Equilibrium - Homeos

Enjoy Enjaami - Shiva version

A different try here. A Shiva cum advaitic philosophy cum sustainable living version of Enjoy Enjaami

Patanjali Nataraja Stotram

Background Universe originated as a bundle of energy. Shiva is Energy. Universe matter and beings originate from the property of Mass. Vishnu is this property of Mass(1).  Universe's matter evolution started with Higgs field acquiring vacuum expectation value (vev), which enables it to interact with particles giving them the property of mass, which in turn leads to all matter and biological forms of this Universe, through evolution.  This Higgs field acquiring vev is the starting point of all evolution.  It can be called the reminder or residue that remains.  How..? There are multiple levels of annihilations in the Universe and multiple remainders/residues at every level.  For eg. living biological beings die and become objects that keep chemically reacting. Here remainder of biological life are chemical reactions. When the chemical reactions also die out, they become physical substances that get annihilated physically or very slowly chemically.  The remainder of the chemical react

Vishnu Shatpadi Stotram

Background All forms in the Universe with 'property of mass' are called 'matter forms'. These matter forms are said to be six-footed or grounded with six properties, because of their property of 'mass'. The six properties are 1. All matter forms with mass are 'real' (not virtual), get annihilated and become energy.  2. All matter forms get impacted by Electromagnetic radiation by absorption, reflection or physical scattering. The property of mass is like the pollens that propagate more matter forms by Light/EM radiation. 3. All matter forms travel at non-relativistic speeds or less than the speed of light, due to their property of mass. Hence they are also subjected to 'time'. Thus they can never become timeless. 4. All matter forms have a 'temperature' or some kinetic energy. They can never reach absolute zero. Hence the property of mass always help manifest and never casts aside to zero. 5. All matter forms occupy space physically in va

Sharada Bhujangam

Background Sarasvati, sAradha and bhArati are three different names of the same entity. They are all recognized as 'goddess of knowledge'.  In thermodynamic term, they are the entropy or indication of micro-states of matter. In information theory, they are information content. In consciousness term, they are the knowledge. The three aspects of Entropy (sarasvati, sAradha, bhArati) Entropy has 3 different aspects. They are 1. Entropy is one parameter that keeps expanding always. saras means that is flowing or moving continuously or expanding (for eg., like a body of water). Sarasvat is entropy that is continuously expanding. In that it is Sarasvati 2. Entropy indicates state information, the state in which a matter form exists. It is the information content or state information 'borne' by that matter form. In that it is bhArati. 'bhArati' is that bears this state of information. 3. Entropy is an arrow of time or that continuously matures in time. zarad indicates

Meenakshi Pancharatnam

Background Shiva is energy. Uma which means quiet is potential energy in matter forms. durgA which means impassable or cannot be crossed over, is kinetic energy of matter forms.  Tripura sundari is the vacuum energy that fills the three dimensional empty space. Adi Shankaracharya calls 'mInAksI' as the ocean of bliss that fills the inside of all, becomes their fundamental 'rhythm' on which they are built, combination of Sri-Vidhya and Uma, the true/fundamental/realistic form of Shiva or the representation of Shiva,  to whom Vishnu, Brahma and Indra submit to or make use of, that which is more elder/respected/senior than vAni and rama, but junior to nArAyaNa. According to science, the bliss that fills the inside of all, the fundamental rhythm underlying all, the fundamental and true representation of energy in all matter and beings is oscillations of zero-point energy.  Zero point energy is a combination of Kinetic and potential energy. Mass, Spacetime curvature/gravity