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Explaining Time through Hiranyagarbha...

Taking a break from Aditya Hrdayam Series, posting this video that explains Time using Hiranyagarbha, the four dimensional spacetime. This is my son's contribution to Breakthrough Junior Challenge starting today. The challenge is to explain a science concept simplistically in 3 mins. He has tried to explain the concept of 'time' using Hiranyagarbha, the four dimensional spacetime. As part of Aditya Hrdayam Series, will be explaining the Hiranyagarbha suktam later. Please watch, share, feedback on the youtube video. -TBT
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A summary of Mandukya Upanishad..

Cosmic Inflation Science says Big Bang created the energy of Universe, which was followed by 'Inflation/Expansion' of spacetime, in which spacetime expanded hugely. This is called 'Cosmic Inflation'. Think of a balloon that expands when air is pushed inside. Whatever exists on the surface of balloon uniformly expands along with surface of the balloon.  So if energy/matter that was constrained and then expanded, then matter should be seen uniformly spread across the spacetime. But what we see in Universe today is different. There is a huge AkAsa, empty space of vacuum, everywhere. Then there are clusters of galaxies and matter sprinkled non-uniformly or non-homogenously  in this AkAsa.  How did this variation come about..? Can just bending of spacetime (gravitation) and the fusion reactions triggered by gravitation alone explain this non-uniform distribution of matter with huge empty spaces in-between..? Baryonic Acounstic Oscillations - praNAva - OmkAra Science says the

Design pattern in Energy and Consciousness...

Energy and Consciousness are same, as I understand from vedic texts, scriptures associated with it and also whatever I understand from science. How..? Energy is something that we cannot define except through its expressions of  mass, binding energies locked inside matter forms, electromagnetic radiation, motion, expanding universe, heat etc.  The very same thing that is expressed through the non-living forms (what we call as non-living) is expressed through living forms as 'consciousness'.  Both energy and consciousness cannot be defined in very specific terms except through their expressions. It's because we see conversion from one form to another, between heat, light, motion, mass, binding energies etc, we attribute all of them to ONE factor called energy. It's because we see communication (signaling) within and between the forms, we attribute all of these to ONE factor called consciousness. Both these are simply what we see as 'witnesses'. They are witnesses

The 3 bhedas..

mahAperiyava simplified great concepts in his discourses. An example is this video of kAmu paati. Maha Periyava Experiences-Interviewed by Ganesa Sarma-01-Kamu Paatti-Anathandavaram - YouTube The way he simplified complex subjects, connecting them to science, was unparalleled. What kamu paati said here as mahAperiyavA explaining the telugu scholar is the jist of thousands of years of knowledge. Not sure how many realized it. The 'ONE' becomes many is the vedantic concept. This differentiation happens in 3 ways. Sajatiya bheda means differentiation within a species or a kind. No 2 human beings are same. No 2 cows are same. This is sajatiya bheda. Vijatiya bheda means differentiation across species or kinds. Human beings and cows are different. Svagata bheda is even within one self (say a human being) hands, legs, eyes, ears, nose, mouth are all different though they belong the same self. These 3 types of differentiation (bheda) is how evolution works.  If it is so, how can that

The 3 stages of pramAnA

There are 3 stages of pramAna (evidences) primarily. anumAna (inferences or derivations of new knowledge from other proven truths), pratyaksa (verified explicit current studies), sabda (peer reviewed, proven knowledge accepted by all and transmitted). Anumana should lead to pratyaksa which should then lead to sabda. That's how knowledge evolution should work.   If anumAna does not become pratyakSa then it's just our imagination. If pratyakSa does not become sabda or widespread accepted knowledge, then it's lost knowledge or still unproven knowledge. So unless claims go through all 3 pramAnas, they don't become veda or knowledge. Unfortunately people mistake anumAna itself as knowledge. When they turn it into successful business, it becomes psuedo-science. Mostly people consider these pramAnas as 3 types of pramAnas, which are independent. I differ. While it's true they are 3 types of pramAnas, I also see them as 3 stages. The success of modern science is that it see

durgA suktam - Kinetic Energy

Uma means quiet. It is potential. dur-gA means impassable. It is kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is impassable in the manifesting Universe as we can never reach absolute zero (3rd law of thermodynamics). durgA suktam explains how durgA is kinetic energy. It says durgA is the 'ship' that carries the 'fire'. Fire is carried by the 'kinetic energy of molecules' that make them move from one place to another. durgA is this kinetic energy that carries the fire. durgA suktam says durgA manifests as heat (tapasa), light rays (gobhir) and fast movement (su tarasi). Kinetic energy indeed manifests into 3 forms. Heat, Light and Mechanical movement (sound, physical motion etc..). Thus durgA the kinetic energy is the underlying of all manifesting Universe out of which the knowledge, wealth and power in the Universe grows. Hence she is like the little girl who grows into different forms of beautiful women. durgA suktam translation sung in tamil essence in english https://yout

Brhadharanyaka Upanishad - Chapter 6.4 (Part 1 - Menstruation)

Background Does Brhadharanyaka Upanishad (Br. Up.) Chapter 6.4 talk about wife beating..? When I read the traditional meanings, it does. But when I translated it, I did not find anything like that.  Rather I find a design pattern matching between agni invoked in stri to menstruation in women. I am translating Br. Up. Chapter 6.4.1 to 6.4.13 in part-1. Executive Summary This chapter is talking about how creation happened.  puruSa is the cause of creation and fruits carry the essence of that puruSa, because they carry the seeds and seeds are the basis of creation. Not just that, essence of one form is carried in another for furthering creation and that is the 'model'.  Like stone/mountain/land that emerges out of water, stri emerges out of puruSa to uphold that seed or nurturing creation. puruSa manifests as the 'atmanam' inside this striyam (or feminity). We perceive this atmanas as the 'aham' or 'self' between the breasts (heart) and middle of the eye-br

Sam Gachatvam - Song of Unity - 75th Independence anniversary

  On the eve of 75th anniversary of Indian Independence, Song of unity from Rgveda mandala 10 hymn 191 sung in tamil essence in english. Priests performing diverse actions in a Yajna tell Agni, they do diverse roles, but in Unison. In the Yajna of Nation Building, we can use the same verses, addressing them to our National flag, saying we will remain united in words, actions, hearts and mind (though with different roles and views).  Sam Gachatvam - Rg veda Mandala 10 Hymn 191 translation sung in tamil, essence in english with our national anthem  Singers - Latha Balaji, N.R.Chandrakumar