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Aditya Hrdayam - Part 39 - Moving charges in Oscillating electromagnetic field

Manas the virtual particles are filled with Atman (Extremely virtual). From Atma, Manas the virtual particles flow out like birds flying out of a tree during the daybreak.

The Asvins, the Electromagnetic field are filled with flood of virtual photons. Photons are celestial waters and called ‘Apa’. They can be real or virtual.

Asvins, the electromagnetic field are said to be filled with flood of virtual photons (Apa). There Apa or photons is the ‘Manas’ or Virtual.  When the ‘Apa’ or ‘photons’ flow out to which the ‘Asvins’/Electromagnetic fields attachedly flow, they become real or ‘nara’ and are called the ‘nAsatyas’. So how does this manas or virtual becomes ‘real’ or ‘nara’..? 
To answer it simply, when intensity points/charges in virtual photons filled electromagnetic field move up and down in an oscillating electromagnetic field, it leads to real photons flowing out in three broad divisions in six frequency bands. This is what is explained in this Rg Vedic mandala 1 Hymn…

Aditya Hrdayam Again - Part 38 - From Manas to Nara

Asvins - Son of Rudra - The Electro-magnetic force field

Manas are the virtual particles. Atman is the extremely virtual one. Both are off-the-shell to varying extent. Manas is closer to real particles, while Atman is farther off virtual common to all the ‘Manas’. 
There is no equivalence to ‘Atman’ in science today, except the fact that those that are virtual can be virtual at varying levels. 
The same, in my view, had transcended into philosophical domain, as people attempted to explain this vedic content. 
In a philosophical domain it became that we have manas and Atma. Manas is the ‘implied’ or ‘virtual’ self that we infer to be present in us, seems guiding an individual’s actions and hence closer to us. Atma is also something that we infer to be present in us, but farther off from guiding our actions. 
From Atman (Extremely virtual) to Manas (Virtual) How does Manas the virtual come out of Atman (the extremely virtual)..? The Rg Veda Mandala 1 Hymn 163 Verse 6 talks …